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Love’s Universe, New & Selected Poems by Nina Carey Tassi

Nina Carey Tassi’s intimate poems in Love’s Universe explore the myriad ways that love finds a home in human hearts, from searing first desire through the oceanic depths of marriage and family to soul-piercing faith and the uplifting joys of nature and one’s country; not least is the unexpected miracle of suffering, all suggesting that love indeed animates the universe.

Sample Poems by Nina Carey Tassi

“Tassi’s imaginative poems skillfully demonstrate faith in those with loving hearts and courageous endeavors. Her poetry often explores characters, past and present, to portray emotions that thrill us with bravery, celebration of natural beauty, sensual glory, humane action and most of all, heartfelt caring. The reader will relish this book and feel refreshed with hopeful possibility, a feeling of having sipped clean air like nectar from a loving God. Even while understanding why all is not perfectly right with the world, we are comforted by this poet’s visions.”—Daniela Gioseffi

“In Tassi’s new collection, one poem speaks to me directly of how she has both widened and deepened her writing. This poem describes how she has ‘moved to a spacious place, airy and buoyant. Wide expanse of land and sky/ lifts me up, loosens boundaries/ sets memory free to roam.’ There is freedom of thought and expression in Love’s Universe, ranging through history and even pre-history, but allowing small and overpoweringly felt personal experiences to float again and again to the surface. We can follow the poet into this ‘Spacious Place’ as she loosens boundaries that perhaps closed paths in her earlier work.”—Dorothy James

About Spirit Ascending: “I have just done reading it and am feeling such a glow at the breadth and depth of Nina Tassi’s imagination. Humanity and divinity in her grasp—‘Fulness of being’—she has this gift. And grace to share.”—Alicia Ostriker

ISBN: 978-1625494030, 186 pages

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