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Sample Poems by Ann Huang


Old books tucked under
colorful flannel

faded by black and white memories--
scent of moth balls--

storm of late summer--
on the oak chair, there is

a bamboo bowl in which
a silver spoon sits, next to
a century-old snuff bottle, half-
translucent gray and gay


For a phoenix
all fortune is
voidable. Her myth
is an embroidery
of bleak
souvenirs comprised of brown
shards that had
been shattered;
that edge
of herself
from her
home, for
her silver
has been
recovered. Our
fortune is a dime.

Citizen Del Mundo

As dreamers
In rosebud
Fussy and fun.
To dwell on,
To wonder
Without hindrance,
To love chance,
To be presumably
In rare dreams
We barely had.

Dust Wind

She was randomly told
A story
With strict
Blue and yellow
Involving the number 15;
To get over her fate
From the horoscope
She saw

The car got towed,
A green beetle
Like the only
Living thing.

In Praise of Chinese New Year

You saw the flower and
named it Jasmine
I see you in Jasmine
and the flower cup