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Sample Poems by Brian Dickson
The Last Waiting Room News

We circled around her
while she sat
on the examination table.

The lavender, promenade hat
tilted on her head. It was perfect,
that tilt. With a brush of it

we were in Seurat's Sunday Afternoon
as we stared at the floor, the door knob
a fixed point on a waiting-room lake.

Once the doctor entered, our parasols
went up, his words dripping puddles
at our feet.

Once I had Perfected Past

I had been dreaming
when your wintered self slumped
through the sliding door.

The live-oak leaves over the pool light
were half- seen faces soaking
the art of breathing.

Segments of breaths clung
to your swimsuit with the lure
to name the familiar, become.

Any Doll

Bed sores on your back.

You peeing
after laughing
so much.


Your lost flesh at a rut
in the grooves of the garden. Go, go
drifted, sojourned in the sunflowers stretched
over the fence.


In your hands, any doll
from your past would do. You straightened
its back again and again, its sag
a sadness tucked at the foot of the bed.