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Sailing on Milkweed, Poems by Jeanine Stevens

In Jeanine Stevens' Sailing on Milkweed, memory becomes so vivid as to become intertwined with life itself, so that the boundaries between living and remembering no longer exist.

Sample Poems by Jeanine Stevens

"Reflecting the poet's considerable travels, physically, emotionally, and artistically--the poems in Jeanine Stevens' stunning first full-length collection offer us an 'electrified' vision of the world, each detail observed with her keen anthropologist's eye, a concise, empathetic, historical perspective, and a radiant attentiveness informed by the failure--'the faulty wiring'--inherent in all things. So the poems are in their own way excavations, digging down, peeling away, to reveal what might lie hidden or buried underneath a moment, both 'grizzled' and dazzling. Here one can sail 'the world on a milkweed pod / holding tight to the darker seed,' or climb a 'sleepy cherry / limbs narrow as a solicitor's nibs'--one can watch a rekindled brushfire creep 'like a carnelian rash' across a field or (in 'Garden of the Hospital at Arles') see 'shrubs too tightly shorn / like a barber looking for head lice.' Alert, awake, and full of sensuous intellectual riches, Stevens' poems connect us to the stubborn layers of innocent, corrupt and complicated passion."--Susan Kelly-DeWitt

"These poems are alive with language, character and place. From Van Gogh to Miles Davis and Ellis Island. Fluid, luminous, filled with color and detail, the imagery is particularly compelling. No surprise this poet writes about image makers."--Dorianne Laux

"Rubbing elbows with the spirits of such luminous beings as William Wordsworth and Ingmar Bergman, each of Jeanine Stevens' best poems in this impressive collection reads as if animated by its own luminous spirit, prankster, sprite, or gravely playful dryad with a mind already finely trained, and with much experience as a college professor. Stevens gives us a colorful, poetical travelogue, filled with destinations outer and inner. Extending to childhood reminiscences, close naturalistic and humane observations, and portions of myth, legend, and folklore, this is bright, but rarely show-offish poetry, for we are being treaded to inner communion, which we are privileged to overhear."--Tom Goff

Jeanine Stevens has three Pushcart Nominations and poetry awards from The Stockton Arts Commission, The Mendocino Coast Writer's Conference, and the Bay Area Poet's Coalition. She was awarded the 2009 Ekphrasis Prize. Chapbooks have been published by Finishing Line Press: Caught in Clouds, Poet's Corner Press: The Meaning of Monoliths, Rattlesnake Press: The Keeping Room, and The Indian Heritage Council: Boundary Waters. Her poems have appeared in The South Dakota Review, Poet Lore, Poetry Depth Quarterly, Tiger's Eye Journal, Ekphrasis, Edge, Sierra Nevada Review, West Wind, Alehouse, Quercus Review, Pearl, Centrifugal Eye, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Tipton Poetry Review, Desert Voices, PMS poem-memoir-story, and elsewhere. Her photographs and essays have appeared in other publications. She was raised in Indiana and now divides her time between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. In addition to writing, she enjoys traveling, Tai Chi, Balkan folk dancing, and hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

ISBN: 978-1936370634, 100 pages, $19.00

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