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Rose Fever, Poems by Barbara Daniels

Barbara Daniels’ poems in Rose Fever are ones of spiritual yearning, confronting the darkness of the world, seeking—and sometimes finding—the light. Daniels’ dense lines, rich with music and startling images, nourish the soul as well as the mind.

Sample Poems by Babara Daniels

“Barbara Daniels’ Rose Fever begins with poems about a life constrained and a life seized, which introduce a motif of spunk and survival that extends through the book. But what most distinguishes these fine poems is language that is as precise as it is sensuous. And behind it is a keen, guiding intelligence, and an ability to affirm even amidst the chaotic and the fraught. In the title poem, her feverish speaker says, ‘Wetness shines there,’ referring to the tide that washes up near her feet. Disparities don’t bother Daniels. Instead, she makes a poetry of them.”—Stephen Dunn

“These poems are built on the muscles of life and lucid language, on an intimate knowledge of both grief and great joy, and Daniels has seamlessly blended these indelible visions with a mastery of poetic craft. From the sweet, sober humor of ‘This Is a Practice Planet’ to the wrenching love poem, ‘David,’ her precision and voice break my heart. There is nothing to do but to read these poems again and again and to continue to draw from their strength. Rose Fever is a book to learn and live from.”—Renée Ashley

“The complex intelligence of Rose Fever is signaled by the title: ‘rose,’ scented by the romantic and the natural, and ‘fever,’ with connotations of avidity and illness. The wonder of Rose Fever is that clarity is never sacrificed to complexity. Many of these fierce poems stare point blank into the visage of pain, loss, and disfigurement; others manifest a wild imagination and wry humor. An amazing number do both. Barbara Daniels’ poems are consummately skillful, meticulously precise, and anything-but-plain gorgeous.”—Natasha Sajé

“The poems of Barbara Daniels present us with an unusually bracing combination of wit and rue. Their speaker is always smart and level headed, and she bravely stares back at loss—doing so without at the same time succumbing to loss of faith. Through honest self-appraisal and a sure command of craft, she manages to delight and instruct us at once. This is no easy task.”—David Wojahn

Barbara Daniels' academic books, English Grammar and Persuasive Writing, written with her husband David, were published by HarperCollins. More than 50,000 copies of English Grammar have been sold. Her poetry chapbook, The Woman Who Tries to Believe, won the Quentin R. Howard Prize and was published by Wind Publications in Lexington, Kentucky. She has published more than two hundred poems. Her work has appeared in literary magazines published by thirty-three colleges and universities as well as by dozens of journals published in thirty states. She has also given many poetry readings and participated as a staff member in writing conferences and workshops. In 2005 and in 1998 she was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. In 1999 she earned a master’s degree, an MFA in writing from Vermont College. She also has a master’s degree in English and American literature from New York University. She has taught at Camden County College since 1976.

ISBN 978-1934999042, 108 pages, $17.00

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