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Between Gods, Poems by Donna Lewis Cowan

Donna Lewis Cowan's poems inhabit the border between touch and feeling, the physical world and our emotional responses to it.

Sample Poems by Donna Lewis Cowan

“In entering the world of these poems, we enter a grand, mythic contest. All around us, time’s steady wind beats and tears apart. It blurs, softens, calls us out of ourselves, takes away our footing. And against that a single body - or two, and then a third - pushing back, taking root, re-assembling a world from the inside out. What we are left with is the molten residue of struggle – carved amber, a sprinkling of stars, poems distilling themselves down to verbs, or scars. These are extraordinary poems. Read them slowly.” –Thomas Gardner

“Reading Donna Lewis Cowan’s collection, Between Gods, I had the impression that each poem was better than the one before. Either this was a miracle of organization or - as I know now to be the case - the mind learns Cowan’s countries as it moves through them. Stanzas are brief as broken conversations, lines as curt as breaths. Not one point is too much; all points are saved by shattering truth from being too little. The poems are spare - the tracks of deer through deep woods - yet pack a wise richness that is part the poet’s remarkable powers of observation, in part an unshakable inwardness that subjects all these observations to the parsing of the spirit. Whether reading a tectonic plate in Iceland or her daughter’s Lincoln Logs, Cowan brings back every observation to the foundation of her own experience–which is, finally, the best and only authenticity.” –David Brendan Hopes

Donna Lewis Cowan ( is a writer in Falls Church, Virginia. She began writing poetry as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech University, and continued in the MFA writing program at George Mason University. Her poems recently appeared in DMQ Review, Notre Dame Review, Mannequin Envy, the Worchester Review, Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry, and elsewhere.

ISBN: 978-1936370672, 82 pages, $18.00

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