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Midnight Voices, Poems by Deborah Ager

Deborah Ager’s poems in Midnight Voices are alive with the light and dark of the world: spare, with unexpected leaps, they encompass great truths in their meticulous specifics.

Sample Poems by Deborah Ager

“Deborah Ager’s Midnight Voices takes us to a place not unlike midnight itself, to a precarious edge between tenderness and unkempt desire, between a good laugh and the brutal truth, between the day’s stark glare and clarity, and the murk and backwater of deep night. Intelligent, subtle, uncanny, and playful, these poems, at each turn and turning, take me by surprise. The work is beautiful, exact, and exacting: it deserves and commands our attention.”—Eric Pankey

“The poems in Deborah Ager’s Midnight Voices deliver to the reader a powerfully metaphorical lyricism that is rare and delicious. These sensual pieces, concise and intense, are strong enough to confront violence head-on without flinching and eerily convince us of its inevitability. Her poems possess a wonderful appetite for a variety of pleasures—for food, for the savor of lost places, for imaginative forays into a fine gallery of personae, without sentimentalizing any of them. These poems invoke the flavors of San Francisco, Santa Fe, Gainesville, Florida, and Lamoni, Iowa, among other locations she imbues with original shading and texture. They are acute and forceful and leave you hungry for more.”—Sidney Wade

“‘They tell me that your heart / has been found in Iowa, / pumping down Interstate 35. / Do you want it back?’” Because the mind and the intellect desire grounding, the terra firma, Ager’s poems lust for and render place: Florida, Iowa, the dusty hills of Santa Fe, even the cityscapes of New York and San Francisco. But despite the elegant and articulate depiction of these landscapes, the precise and moving description, what rises from these poems is the voice of the magician, a voice able to disarm in its hushed and dangerous whispers, a voice that surprises not only the mind but the imagination. ‘The neighbor’s parrot won’t stop barking.’ And no matter what you are offered, you will not get your heart back. These whispered poems have darker things in mind.”—C. Dale Young, author of The Second Person

Deborah Ager, editor and founder of 32 Poems magazine, received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Her poems and reviews have appeared in magazines and anthologies, including Best New Poets 2006, The Bloomsbury Review, Tigertail: A South Florida Anthology, The Georgia Review, New Letters, The North American Review, and Quarterly West. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her family.

ISBN 978-1934999424, 80 pages, $18.00

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